Ivory Becker

Credit Specialist

At TenBridge Partners, I provide an annual credit report analysis to our clients making sure there is no negative reporting.  We also aim to locate any potential for identity theft and correct any inaccurate reporting information.  These reports and my analysis are provided to clients at annual meetings.  If there is opportunity to improve a client’s credit score, I counsel them on the best path to do so.  I am also available for consultation and credit repair counseling.

My expertise is understanding credit scoring models to get a perfect credit score and helping clients resolve credit issues that may arise from late payments, identity theft, divorce, or other similar events.  I have a passion for helping others be financially educated and empower them to make good financial decisions through creating debt and credit management plans.

The knowledge I bring to the team was born from a specialized history working at one of the largest U.S. banks, giving me unique insight and setting me apart from others in the industry.  I love helping our team at TenBridge guide people to financial clarity and confidence.

In my free time I enjoy camping, hiking and traveling. My passion is being outdoors and exploring as many new places as possible!