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From Awareness to Action: Understanding Your Relationship with Money


On May 31st, TenBridge co-sponsored our first Women’s Wellness Forum alongside Ana Chaud from Sankalpa Life, Dr. Chelsea Eilts from Gem Health, and Wesley Grout from FUNKtional Space Organizing. It was a great success!

Libby and I spoke about relationships with money and the impact they have on our financial health and wellness. Identifying your relationship with money and using this information to guide you to financial health is a topic all people can benefit from. You might want to grab a pen and paper; I’m going to put you to work in this newsletter. Off we go!

Roth IRAs Demystified


A question we hear from folks far and wide is, “when does a Roth IRA make sense”? Well, you’re in luck! Today we address that very topic.