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Finding Meaning in Retirement – Encore


Back in March we released a newsletter titled “Finding Meaning in Retirement”.  Many of you responded very positively to the article with your personal feelings, feedback on the article, and ideas and stories of your unique experience.  It is a subject we almost all face at some point.

Leo MacLeod is a client of TenBridge and like many of you, he is also a friend.  He is an author as well as leadership and communication coach.  Leo has recently “retired” and struggled a bit finding meaning with his new reality, he recently wrote about it.

We asked Leo if we could share his thoughts, he graciously agreed.  Thank you, Leo.

The Time to Invest is Now


Time. It is one of the greatest tools most of us have when it comes to saving and investing. Thinking about long-term goals can seem like a distant dream, but we are always better off working towards them early rather than waiting. In the long run, very few people have ever regretted preparing and investing well ahead of time, so don’t miss the opportunity.