Athena Lawrence

Administrative Assistant

As the administrative assistant for TenBridge Partners, my job is to lend a helping hand with various tasks around the office. Currently, I am immersed in the learning process of the financial planning business while helping to support the TenBridge team throughout the day to day.

Being a proud alumnus of St. Mary’s Academy, I have spent a large portion of my schooling in the downtown area, very close to the TenBridge office. After graduating from St. Mary’s, I embarked on a gap year and travelled around quite a bit, spending 9 months at a wilderness focused trade school in Norway as well. Throughout that life changing experience, I got to enthusiastically involve myself in a plethora of activities like various cooking classes, cave exploration, dog sledding, ice climbing, boxing, etc. One of my favorite memories, and most interesting work experiences, was volunteering to work in the world’s largest northernmost dogsledding race.

Currently, I am attending Portland Community College with the goal of obtaining my associate degree. I have enjoyed indulging in various classes having to do with media and literary analysis, communications, social health, evaluation of argument, and more. The worlds of psychology and philosophy have become particular points of fascination for me.

I typically enjoy spending my free time out in nature, whether it be hiking, camping, or just finding different lakes, rivers or hot springs to take a dip in. I grew up heavily on outdoor and physical activity– big thanks to my dad! I am a mountain climber, race runner, travelling backpacker, globe trotter, and all-around challenge facing enthusiast.