Scott Thurman

Operations Manager and Chief Compliance Officer

At TenBridge Partners I handle everything exciting. This includes handling trading activity, maintain the performance reporting, process the TenBridge books, records and billing along with ensuring that all compliance standards are met. These activities help the team stay focused on planning, the core of what we do.

Having grown up just north of Vancouver, WA in Brush Prairie, I am a Northwest native. My educational journey led me to the east side of Washington where I attended Washington State University in Pullman and received my degree in Business Administration.

My career path has offered me a plethora of different experiences. I’ve spent over 6 years as a Financial Planner for both large corporations and independent RIA’s. I’ve also led Purchasing, Supply Chain, Pricing and Data Reporting teams across various industries. I enjoy the operational aspects of business along with detailed, data driven analytics.

The Great Northwest has so much to offer and I’m an avid mountain biker riding the many trails of Central Oregon. Running and hiking different areas in the NW provide views that are some of the best in the world. You can also find me enjoying a round of golf or a tennis match. I’m constantly rooting for my local teams, the Portland Trailblazers, Seattle Mariners and the Washington State Cougars. You will also see me exploring the amazing Portland food and craft beer scene or attending multiple philanthropic events with my wife Sara.