The Markets, Financial Planning, and How TenBridge Fits In

It always seems there is something to worry or be concerned about. Certainly, these days are no different than the ones preceding them, just another chapter and same old text. As much as we can, we at TenBridge adapt and make minor adjustments, never wholesale large ones. Substantial changes to a strategy rarely turn out well, though when they do we hear about it in spades.

The markets have been correcting in meaningful ways and surprisingly the bond portion of our portfolio is also suffering from anticipation and worry. As such, even our most conservative clients are feeling the discomfort of being invested. But we were prepared, and as a result we are not experiencing the full effect of market dynamics and downturn. We will continue to be prepared and work to adjust where we can.

However, investment portfolios are not our only focus here at TenBridge. One of the many ways we prepare you for times in the market such as these is by completing your financial plan. We take a comprehensive look at your entire financial picture, find threats, opportunities, patch the blackholes in your plan, and much more to ensure your financial wellbeing. Often, people say to us, “you do all that?”  And our answer is, “yes, of course, that is what financial planning is all about.”

Financial planning is all about looking at the big picture and helping you navigate the twists and turns of financial life – that is where we at TenBridge earn our stripes the most.

Whether it is helping find caregivers and managing them, navigating different loan options, reviewing insurance policies, crafting budgets, and analyzing cash flows, working with your kids to understand their personal finances, or simply helping you navigate familial relationships – we do it all at TenBridge.

No, here at TenBridge financial planning does not begin and end in the investment world. It begins with you and only ends where your need for advice, coaching and counsel ends. We don’t set that end point, you do. Sometimes we like to say if it has a dollar sign next to it, give us a call. But even then, we go beyond that.

I can’t count the number of times people who don’t work with us say to me, “you’re an investment guy, you like stocks.” In some regards, it offends me that people think we only care about stocks and investments. But I also realize this is the reputation Wall Street has and it is what our peers do every day which informs that opinion. Nonetheless, we take pride in the variety of services we provide to our clients and know our efforts translate into our client’s success.

In sum, take a deep breath and know we have prepared for this. We are your partner, and we are always here to help.

From the desk of Erik Lawrence CFP®

The information contained in this correspondence is intended for general educational purposes only and as a means for facilitating a conversation.  Please consider our door always open to discuss your particular situation and how this information might benefit you and fit your specific needs.