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I Lived My Life, on My Terms


Challenging the status quo and thinking about financial planning differently dominates our minds, it is what makes us different and is how we work with you. Finding balance between today and our future selves is a trick.  Financial planning is controlled in our industry by the “future self,” sometimes to the detriment of the “present self.”

Summer – A Time for Reflection


A friendly reminder from your TenBridge Partners Team… 

July is upon us, and we are halfway through 2023! Although it is hard to believe half the year has passed, we hope you are enjoying your summer festivities and using this time to your advantage.   

Summertime is for friends, family, soaking up the sunshine, and relaxation. Oftentimes we get caught up with jam packed schedules, failing to slow down and enjoy the fruits the summer season provides, both literally and figuratively.